Little About Us:

Who is Cutie Pie Wear

Simply Stated, we are your best option for fitting your kids with the most fashionable gear available. Are you tired of not finding much variety for your little one? We know there are endless options and styles for your wardrobe, but how about for your little cutie pie?

That is who we are. Your premier source for finding the best of the best in street wear and  fashionable outfits for all seasons. How would it make you feel for your baby to be the star of the show? When you order outfits from Cutie Pie Wear your baby will be better dressed than most adults. We know you have an eye for fashion. Give your baby the same sense of style by starting them off dressing well from an early age.

The problem with the Australian Market

Unfortunately in Australia we suffer a lack of quality options for high class infant style. For this reason, Cutie Pie Wear was born. As a mother and father we understand that limited variety can be a frustrating thing. My husband and I were starting to run out of outfit ideas for our babies. We struggled with creating fashionable outfits from the limited options available on the Australian market. Eventually, for the benefit of our own babies we began to search international markets for better and better outfits and fashionable styles. It was at this moment we realized we could share what we had found with all of Australia.

Our Story is probably similar to yours

Our story began years ago when we recognized this gap in the market as consumers searching for fashionable baby fits. We put in all the hard work behind sourcing high quality, fashionable gear for our little ones. After all the years of researching the latest and greatest of styles, we now bring them directly to you. We are your one stop shop for everything that is fashion for your cutie pie.

As a family business we understand what it means to have your baby boy or girl looking fresh. Whether you are a fan of street wear, or casual wear you can find it here. Because we are a family business we take pride in delivering top notch service to each and everyone of our customers. When you decide to purchase from Cutie Pie Wear you are deciding to support a local family just like yours.

There is no Competition for us

Often times it is difficult to give your baby that slick style that will impress all your friends and family. Like many parents out there, we want our babies dressed to impress. Currently, there is no competition in our space with better and higher quality options for babies. From winter to summer, you will find the best of the best of options and styles available anywhere on the Australian Market at Cutie Pie Wear.

Are you simply in need of style ideas. Pop over to our website and browse around for some inspiration. We don’t mind. It is our pleasure to spark your creativity to get your baby looking dapper.