2 Pieces Summer Base Blush Ruffle Sleeveless Top + Back Pocket Denim Short Clothes Set fashionable Girls Outfit

The two piece outfit was made to make hearts flutter. Crafted in high quality soft woven cotton this adorable set features elastic waist denim shorts and an absolutely to die for envelope blouse with playful ruffles.

Pair this outfit with any sunshades and a carefree hairstyle, and your little one is ready to hit the town. Little miss sunshine has never been so stylish.

With its girly colors and playful ruffle detailing, this outfit is simply perfect for your little one. Your baby will be fresh as daisy with this one.

Crafted with soft cotton, this adorable outfit is cute enough to make your baby the star of any show. The simple nature of this design makes it a fresh and easy pick for your little one.

The simplistic yet stylish nature of this outfit will make it easy for you to dress exactly like your baby. When you two go out dressed together, you will feel so empowered.

Their is nothing like the feeling of being in sync with your baby. The neutral colors of this two piece make it an option for summer, spring, or fall. Don’t pass up the opportunity to have a versatile outfit that you can wear eighty percent of the year.

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